AlignWomen is a powerful group of women who support each other personally and professionally by "Networking with Intention." The organization was designed to foster strong connections and create opportunities to generate referrals that result in increased revenue for member businesses. 

Amy Evans founded AlignWomen because she wanted something different than traditional networking, something that was more intentional and was focused on increasing revenue for its members. AlignWomen is built around the Mastermind concept. The founding members of the first AlignWomen Mastermind provide professional services to small and medium sized businesses in Southern California. They are in complimentary industries that include employee benefits, financial services, accounting, payroll, employment law, information technology and human resources consulting. Mastermind members are responsible for driving sales in their businesses in addition to delivering their services. They are motivated, passionate, and experts in their fields.  

The Mastermind uses a concept Amy developed called NETWORKING WITH INTENTION, where members actively create opportunities to be involved with each other's businesses on a regular basis. They learn, market, present, attend industry events, share best practices, make introductions, support each other on social media, uplift each other during their struggles and celebrate their accomplishments.

Participating in an AlignWomen Mastermind is a 12-month commitment, and members are expected to engage, participate and be accountable to the group with the highest levels of respect, responsiveness and service to each other and to their clients.

Amy is passionate about building a group of women who bond together and support each other professionally and personally, and she has a vision for this organization on a grand scale. The first AlignWomen Mastermind is closed to new members. We can't wait to share our successes and create a platform for women across the country who want to build their own AlignWomen Masterminds. If you are interested in being a part of the AlignWomen community, subscribe to our newsletter.

AlignWomen - meaningful connections, meaningful referrals, meaningful revenue.

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